Esports Venue Summit

Join us at Esports Venue Summit Virtual Event Week 26-29 October - the only forum dedicated solely to esports venues & spaces. The summit will inform and inspire those already active in the esports sector and those working in venues & event spaces – whether in sport, entertainment, leisure, hospitality, development, etc – about the opportunities in esports.

The summit features 11 thought-provoking sessions/debates from 50+ key industry figures across the esports, live entertainment & venue industry, including our speaker Albin Hübl, who will be part of the conference session »Virtual solution showcase - Ideas and inspiration for your own esports event« on Tuesday, October 27th at 16:15.

Topics to be debated include: The emergence and continued growth of esports on a global level; Esports community engagement; Merger of esports and traditional sports; The power of broadcast technology; Esports as an immersive experience; The finance behind the phenomenon; Venue versatility - multi-use spaces; Evolving trends in esports venue design - a debate with leading architects & more..

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