Renovation of children's playground Krpin

Children’s playground Elan in Krpin has been entertaining children and everyone young by heart since the 1970s and has now gained a fresh new look. 

In the 1970s, many new children's playgrounds were built throughout Slovenia, marked by unique colourful playground equipment by Elan Inventa. Swings, slides, climbers, colourful metal locomotives and many other equipment delighted many children. Those who grew up in the mid-1970s still remember those beautiful times with the most pleasant form of nostalgia. One of the first playgrounds was created in Krpin at that time in the near proximity of the Elan factory.

The playgrounds entertained children of many generations for almost five decades. Because they have recently been subjected to the ravages of time it was the right decision to renovate the playground this year. The project was implemented within the participatory budget of the municipality of Radovljica and with the joint efforts of the Tourist Association Begunje and the company Elan Inventa. Aware of the importance of preserving the old, the playground in Krpin shined in a completely new light, while retaining its original design.

The playground was officially opened on the 30th of June 2021 by the mayor of the municipality of Radovljica, Ciril Globočnik, representatives of the Elan company and the president of the Begunje Tourist Association. The entertainment program was provided by the creative group Čupakabra.

In cooperation with the Begunje Tourist Association, we also plan to arrange a thematic path for children and families, which will be attractive, fun and at the same time educational, and will lead to interactive points related to Elan.