Periodic maintenance service

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure safety and functionality of seating systems and sports equipment. Periodic maintenance service is also a precondition for obtaining a proof of the equipment's suitability and compliance with the required standards and manufacturer's warranty.

The maintenance service has to be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and may only be performed by a manufacturer's authorized service provider that installs genuine spare parts into the product. The details and timing of the maintenance are specified by the manufacturer in the instructions for safe use and maintenance. Built-in equipment such as seating systems, basketball structures and climbing equipment require special attention.  For these products, the maintenance service is required every 12 months.

At Elan Inventa we have an organized team for periodic maintenance service, which provides users with professional assistance in ensuring safety and functionality of multipurpose, event and sports facilities.

Elan Inventa service:
Darko Čorković
+386 4 53 51 355